There’s no place like home

This week’s pre-publication post for my novel, Electric Souk, gives you an insight into my protagonist, Aisling Finn’s home town.  Aisling is from beautiful Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland. Famous for its seaweed baths on the beach and the great Maeve Binchy took her holidays here as a girl. Indeed she tried her first taste of alcohol on the beach at midnight when she sneaked out of a dance with a local lad. 

Nothing beats wrapping yourself in the velvety jelly-like sea kelp.  The cliff walks are spectacular and sometimes you can spy dolphins leaping and diving in circles to stir the fish. 

Electric Souk opens with Yeats’ The Mermaid and Hisham calls Aisling ‘his mermaid.’ If you walk along the path to Ladies beach, you will see my inspiration!

When Aisling leaves Ireland she is worn through by the grey skies and grey times of the recession, but as life in the desert exerts its brutal grip she longs for the rainy days and angelic light of the Atlantic coast. 


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