Lines from Listowel 

Highlights from the Listowel Writers’ Week so far…

Richard Skinner and The Busby Babes. A brilliant session that brought 1950s Manchester to life and gave voice to the people around the team. With the legend Weehie Fogarty interviewing. 

Two fantastic sessions with Eilean Ni Chuilleanain
‘The problem with getting old is that you end up only writing about being old and dying and young people find that boring. So I made a note to myself some years ago not to do that. But time takes on a different meaning, the way you remember things now is different from how you remembered them ten years ago.’

‘The things you cut out sit there making faces at you.’

‘No poem is the total answer.’

‘Readers are hoping to get a surprise which is a recognition.’

A tender tribute to David Marcus, the literary heart of Ireland, from his wife Ita Daly.  

‘One can never go back.’


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