Thank you fellow bloggers


I was unsure when I started my blog about whether it was a good idea or not.   I couldn’t imagine that anyone, other than friends, to whom I applied thumb screws, would ever read my blog.  But, I wanted to try blogging all the same, and my curiosity overcame all other resistance.

While I learnt more about the publishing world and worked on my novel, it seemed a great way to test the waters. It was a useful way to share the background to my novel, and resurrect the journals I kept when I was in the Middle East.  At the time I had thought about blogging them, but it seemed risky, for reasons that resulted in the novel.

Now, a few months into this, I relish  the pause it gives me to reflect.   I’ve really enjoyed getting the notification when someone new starts following or likes a blog.  I’ve loved the variety of people who have visited, from surrealist artists and fellow writers to a vineyard owner!  Every time it’s special, and cheers me up on cold, rainy days.

People have found me from all over the world, from Angola to Thailand. It amazes me to connect across such miles, to think about people in these distant places, and their lives and hopes.  It has brought me to other people’s blogs, and it’s great discovering new people and blogs.  Even if  my novel is never published, my world is so much richer.

So, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, is following or indicated they enjoyed reading it.  You keep me inspired, writing and  blogging.  Thank you everyone.


2 responses to “Thank you fellow bloggers

  1. We have enjoyed immensely reading about your/our experiences in the Middle East. Keep at it – we love your work! Can’t wait for “Clear Heart”.

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