50 degrees and rising

Step outside, and it is like stepping into the path of a mammoth hairdryer.  Getting in and out of cars, without scorching skin, is whole new skill to add to my CV.   Door handles are an epic challenge, yet another use for the good old pashmina and I now manoeuvre a handbag with great nimbleness to close car doors.  I have developed so many new skills here: navigating without maps or street signs; teetering in heels on marble; speaking Google to taxi drivers; and traversing building sites, in place of walking down nicely paved streets.  

The summer is eerie.  Malls and streets are empty. Absolutely no one is around.  The expats have fled the heat and flown home; and the locals have gone to London to roar around the streets of Knightsbridge in their Formula 1 sports cars. 

The mercury hits fifty and the day darkens with a solar eclipse.



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