Arriving in style

Finding your feet in a new city is always an adventure; and in the desert, where every day is touched by the surreal, those adventures have their own special quality. 

 I was scheduled to meet with the director of the ambulance service.  My instructions were to go to the building in the hospital complex where ambulances were parked outside, and I would find the director’s office there.  I duly turned up at the A&E department, where there were lots of ambulances parked outside. The A&E supervisor was  bewildered at my arrival, and told me that the director’s office was in another building.  I asked for directions and was advised it was too far to walk  in the heat, which probably meant it was all of five minutes away. I was ready to brave the soaking humidity, but it is inconceivable that anyone would walk anywhere here. The supervisor insisted he would get me a driver, only it that would take at least half-an-hour.  That was too long, so the next thing I know a chap in a uniform piped up and said he would take me.  I followed him outside and found myself in the back of an ambulance hurtling round the streets of the city.  Now that’s the way to arrive in style for a meeting!  



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